Works from the NeoPostFactum series. (2014-Ongoing)

Upon discovering Twitter, I began exploring the use of Unicode characters as indecipherable graphic patterns instead of typing standard messages. The “tweets” that I began generating were often abstract, comprised of letters, numbers, shapes, and symbols. The more I experimented with these “digital sketches” the more interested I became in pushing the boundaries of the inherent 140 character limitation of Twitter.

Soon, I was discovering ways to open up the Twitter stream with large unexpected negative spaces, creating graphic glitches, and fusing different languages into each post. As a way to describe what I was doing, I decided to create a Symbol Art hashtag. I felt that this term most accurately depicted these evolving explorations.

As the Symbol Art progressed, I became more and more interested in combining their ephemeral nature into my two-dimensional artwork. NeoPostFactum, my current series combines two primal elements of human visual communication: symbols and identity.

In order to represent this identity, I’ve chosen to use vintage family photographs from my Grandmother’s collection as the foundation and starting point of each piece. The focus is not on the personal connections to the imagery, but on how we interpret the images, both as depiction and as metaphors.

Large-scale portraits appear heroic and iconic, evoking a sense of nostalgia, their tonality shifting from warm to cool tones. The original photographs have been scanned, re-photographed, manipulated, and layered. Paint splatters, drips, subtle overlays, shading, and collaged materials inform each work. Symbol Art fragments infuse the imagery providing a visual counterpoint, dispelling the sense of nostalgia, while providing new context.

These elements are part of a visual process of constructing images and creating new meanings. They merge the ephemeral with the static, the abstract with the representational. The narrative of this body of work, although based upon personal imagery, speaks to the commonality of humanity, our interconnectedness, and our potential.