Norma Herr Womens Shelter


Fine artist Guy-Vincent, has been busy transforming the downtown landscape with public artwork. 

Most recent examples are two murals at the Norma Herr Women’s Shelter. These large-scale public art projects are part of a series designed to beautify the downtown area, engage community members, and bring additional visibility to the arts district. 

“The murals located at Norma Herr, reflect the women’s desire to surround themselves with beauty, while providing a colorful and inspirational respite from their often challenging personal situations” says Guy-Vincent. 

Bold bright colors, and images of nature, wrap around the outside of the historic Art Deco landmark building. The designs are a result of collaborations between women from the shelter, Across the Lines, and Campus District Inc. For months, art classes were held at Jane Finley’s Across the Lines studio, along with Guy-Vincent, and Rachel Oscar, from Campus District. Their objectives were to engage with the women, get feedback on what inspires them visually, and have them participate in the process. 

The result is, a sweeping and beautiful design that reflects optimism and strength. Traits that were demonstrated week after week, in the art classes. Besides, providing ideas about the murals, the women found the classes liberating and extremely helpful in tapping into their creativity and self-expression. 

Upcoming projects include, a monumental mural for the Campus International School, as well as, street pole paintings throughout the campus district arts area. 

GV stated, “For the past several years, I’ve taught art classes to marginalized members of the community. In that time, I’ve witnessed the incredible impact and positive influence that art-making can have, to both the individual and collective community. The ability to provide a positive impact upon individuals, and enhance the cityscape, is something that is both humbling and inspiring.”

Stay on the lookout for new public artworks coming to the campus district area.

Project support in part by: The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation.